Banana Bread Moist and delicious banana bread recipe. Easy to make, no need for a mixer! Ripe bananas, butter, sugar, egg, vanilla, baking soda, and flour. Prep 10 m Cook 55 m Banana Bread Granola Granola with oats, walnuts, cinnamon, and chunks of banana, ready for your yogurt bowl! Prep 15 m Cook 45 m Banana Cookies Cherished family recipe for Banana Cookies! A delicious way to use up your overripe bananas. Prep 15 m Cook 15 m Banana Nut Muffins Banana nut muffin recipe with ripe bananas, nuts, sugar, egg, flour. If time and waistline permitted, I could wake up every morning to these banana nut muffins! Prep 15 m Cook 25 m Banana Sheet Cake Easy banana sheet cake! Super banana flavor. With cream cheese frosting, perfect for a large gathering. Prep 20 m Cook 20 m Berries and Banana Fruit Salad Get out your red, white, and blue with this simple fruit salad of strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, apple, and bananas, tossed with honey and lemon juice. Prep 15 m Berry and Banana Terrine Beautiful summer berry and banana terrine, a gelatin and white grape juice base, filled with fresh berries and bananas. Prep 15 m Berry Banana Smoothie Berry banana smoothie! So EASY, just fresh or frozen berries, banana, yogurt, honey, and ice. Lots more smoothie ideas in the comments! Prep 5 m Chocolate Banana Bread Tender, chocolatey chocolate banana bread! Double chocolate with cocoa and chocolate chips. Prep 15 m Cook 1 h Hummingbird Cake Classic Southern hummingbird cake with bananas, pineapple, chopped pecans, and topped with a cream cheese frosting! Prep 15 m Cook 50 m