Clam Chowder New England clam chowder made from scratch with hard shell clams, salt pork or bacon, potatoes, and cream. Prep 30 m Cook 30 m Colcannon Soup Hearty Colcannon Potato Soup! With potatoes, leeks, cabbage, kale, stock, and cream. Prep 20 m Cook 50 m Cold Tomato Summer Vegetable Soup Cold tomato vegetable soup, made with fresh, uncooked tomatoes, zucchini, cucumber, red bell pepper, celery, sweet onion, and garlic. Perfect for a hot summer day. Colombian Chicken Soup Colombian chicken soup made with chicken thighs and legs, onion, corn, potatoes, cilantro, capers and a special Columbian Ajiaco sauce. Prep 25 m Cook 1 h 30 m Corn Chowder Simple corn chowder made with sweet, fresh corn, onion, carrot, celery, potatoes, red bell pepper, milk, and bacon. Prep 15 m Cook 1 h 15 m Crab Bisque Delicious, rich and creamy crab bisque, made with fresh cracked Dungeness crab meat, and stock made from the crab shells. Cream Of Celeriac Soup with Brussels Sprouts Chips SUPER creamy dairy-free soup made of pureed celeriac, cauliflower, almonds and garlic. Serve as vegan starter or main dish. Prep 15 m Cook 30 m Cream of Mushroom Soup Easy homemade cream of mushroom soup. Creamy without a lot of cream! Cremini mushrooms, stock, cream, shallots, butter, tarragon Prep 15 m Cook 40 m Cream of Spinach Soup Rich and creamy spinach soup, with fresh or frozen spinach, onion, potatoes, broth, cream and sour cream. Serve hot or chilled. Prep 15 m Cook 40 m Cream of Wild Mushroom Soup Creamy wild mushroom soup made with dried wild mushrooms, fresh mushrooms, shallots, garlic, stock, cream, sherry, and herbs. Prep 35 m Cook 45 m