Bittersweet Chocolate Cake Bittersweet chocolate cake, adapted from the Silver Palate Cookbook. Almost a pound of chocolate, a dozen eggs, 2 cups of sugar, almost a pound of butter, a cup of flour. Blood Orange French 75 Cocktail Ruby red French 75 cocktail made with blood orange juice, light, bubbly, and refreshing! Prep 10 m Broiled Lobster Tail with Brown Butter Sauce Broiled lobster tail with a sauce of brown butter and toasted hazelnuts Prep 20 m Cook 25 m Champagne Sorbet Champagne sorbet recipe, perfect dessert for the holidays or special occasions. Prep 5 m Cook 15 m Chocolate Fondue Looking for fun and easy chocolate dessert experience? Make chocolate fondue! Dip fresh fruit and other dip-ables into the hot, melted creamy chocolate mixture. Takes only 10 minutes to make! Prep 5 m Cook 10 m Chocolate Ganache Torte Over-the-top rich chocolate ganache torte recipe with up to two pounds of chocolate, a stick of butter and a cup of cream. Also called Death-By-Chocolate. Prep 15 m Cook 1 h Chocolate Orange Shortbread Cookies Shortbread cookies packed with chocolate and laced with orange zest. Prep 5 m Cook 40 m Chocolate Pecan Tart Upgrade your pecan pie this Thanksgiving! This chocolate pecan tart is like a cross between a nut-filled brownie and chocolate fudge. Prep 1 h Cook 45 m Chocolate Sour Cream Cake with Chocolate Frosting Easy chocolate sour cream cake made with sour cream, cocoa powder, and melted chocolate. The perfect balance of decadence and simplicity! Don't forget the chocolate frosting... Prep 30 m Cook 45 m Fudgy Chocolate Brownies These super-fudgy brownies are for chocolate lovers only! Made with melted chocolate, butter, sugar, eggs, flour, and chocolate chips. Great for picnics, potlucks, or mailing to a friend. Prep 15 m Cook 25 m